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Tell me when the hell this loneliness is gonna be over
When everything in this room reminds me of you
Every time I think I’m getting closer
These tears dry out, and once again I lose

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I used to be the reason behind your smile..

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"Nine, you see I have this envelope, I carry it with me all the time, it’s full of all the butterflies I felt the first time she relaxed the velcro on her lips and smiled in my direction. Most of them are still alive. I guess these belong to you, too."

Rudy Francisco

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My heart is fucking breaking into pieces.

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I can’t make you love me

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I have never felt this god damn helpless and powerless in a situation ever. I have done every single possible thing one can think of in my situation. What can you honestly do when 2,819 miles of land separates you two? What do you do when you get kicked to the curb and immediately replaced by someone that can do all the things you were suppose to do, but you just were not physically able to do them? What do you do when the reason behind her luminous smile is not because of you, but because of him? What do you when you invest all of your wealth into someone that promised you it would all be worth it? What do you do..

What else can you do when the love of your life loves another..

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I can’t fucking breathe right now..

I just.. fuck

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The Black Series: Fett w/Solo in Carbonite

Images by Tharkon

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